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You Can Still Get Married If You Don't Worship the Same Fandom

With the world becoming more inclusive regarding interracial and nontraditional marriages, we've seen some pretty cool ways brides and grooms have incorporated their faiths and cultures into their wedding ceremony to create unique, harmonious unions.



But there are groups that are perhaps even more faithful than religion: fandoms.

Sure, it might be tough at first to bring your new Catholic girlfriend home to grandma Goldberg, but to bring a Trekkie home to a group of Star Wars fanatics? You'll have your family screaming:


But as the old saying goes, opposites attract. So here are some ways you can incorporate your multi-fandom love into your wedding.

1. Pick a side


Instead of separating your guests by friends and family of the bride and groom, have them choose their allegiance. That way, not only will they get to mingle with their new family, but you'll know who really has your back when the Death Star attacks.

2. Clashing Cake Topper


This one could go several ways. Maybe you have Jon Snow marrying Katniss Everdeen. Sherlock and Bilbo Baggins. Smaug and John Watson. Personally, we like this zombiefied Spider-Man and Mary Jane for Marvel fans and Walking Dead Heads.

3. Wedding Photos



Take turns posing for your wedding photographer so that you can have photos that incorporate both of your fandoms into a unique wedding album. Hey, if Jeff Goldblum agreed to be in a Jurassic Park wedding photo, so can you.

4. Engraved Rings




Chances are if you've made it this far in a multi-fandom relationship, you've at least seen enough of your partner's favorite to know some stand out lines. Engrave his or her wedding band with a meaningful quote from their fandom to show how much you really care.

5. Split the cake


What fun is having tiers when you can't make each one different? Whether it's Marvel vs. DC, Pokemon vs. Smash, or even Disney vs. Pixar, you can pile high with an infinite number of fandoms—and you might have to in order to get yours on top!

6. Invitations and Thank Yous 




Save the date: Game of Thrones. Invitation: Dr. Who. Thank you: Sherlock. That way, your guests will know to be prepared for multi-fandom fun at your wedding and after (and they can begin preparing their arguments ahead of time).

7. The Outfits


So you wanted to have a Lord of the Rings theme on your wedding day, but your S.O. was thinking more Avatar than Aragorn? No problem! If you don't want to go for fully replicating Arwen's look standing next to your soon-to-be husband sporting a blue arrow on his head, find common color schemes and incorporate them into your, and your bridal party's, outfits. Same goes for...

8. The Décor


You can be subtle with your multi-fandom love by finding common ground between the two. It could be something as simple as a color scheme, or as elaborate as incorporating the nature or foliage of the two fandoms in a creative way. Let's face it, you can find a lot of fandoms that incorporate the woods. Just make sure that Winter isn't coming.

9. A Hint of Fandom Love





Maybe you just want your favorite fandom there with you in a small but powerful way. From varying place cards, to a Star Fleet boutonniere, to Supernatural nail art, there are plenty of subtle ways to geek up your wedding while still not clashing fandoms.

Just because you and your S.O. don't worship the same fandom doesn't mean you can't have it all on your wedding day. Every fandom has a loyal following, and neither of you should have to compromise.

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