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Having an outdoor wedding this summer? Be prepared for a few unsatisfied guests-- when the temperatures rise, nobody is interested in wedding cake.

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If we had our way, comfortable footwear would be acceptable at any major ceremony regardless of fanciness.

Luckily, for a summer wedding, you can bend the footwear rules! We've found 11 pairs of casually cute shoes for a hot and humid trip down the aisle:

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"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage." Not for everyone. No one needs a playground song to tell them what to do, or when!

Here are 7 brides that dressed for two on their special day:

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Welcome to Sabi Sabi in South Africa, the ultimate destination for safari weddings:

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While your bridesmaids might tell you that they're truly honored to be in your wedding, at the end of it all – after the wedding shopping and frantic phone calls and 4 AM text message chains and countless emails – they're left with a depleted bank account, a wealth of memories, and ... a tote bag.


Brides, there's no harm in getting creative with the bridal party gift. After all, your besties DID shell out a lot of money for that dress.

Here are 9 ideas for badass gifts your wedding party will actually appreciate.

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