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Forever Hold Your Peace: 9 Comments You Don't Want to Hear at the Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners are a nice way to relax and mingle before your wedding. However, it's also a place where your friends and family may share secrets that you'd rather they'd just keep to themselves.

If you're throwing a rehearsal dinner, we hope you don't hear these 9 things:

1. I have the most adorable story! When she was a baby she used to...

2. Remember that night we spent in Atlantic City with those Thai twins?


3. Your mother's a real b-


4. Is there going to be any vegan food?

5. I'd like to sing a little song I wrote.

6. My dad's being released from prison... just in time for the wedding!


7. I'm so excited to perform my interpretive dance at the wedding!

8. So, I'm going to skip the ceremony and just show up when it's time for cake.

9. Hey honey, Dad says he's not picking up the check:

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