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11 Brides that Shine and Sparkle in Metallic Gowns

According to gift giving tradition, the 25th wedding anniversary is reserved for silver. Then you have to wait another 25 years to get the gold. But when has Bridalville ever been a slave to tradition? Why wear white on your wedding day, when you can wear silver or gold, or BOTH?

Here are 11 brides that out-blinged their rings on their wedding day:

1. What light through yonder alley way breaks?


Image Source: Amber Gress

It is the east, and this bride is the sun!

2. Heart of Gold


Image Source: Catalina Jean

This tattooed bride proves that there's nothing lame about gold lamé.

3. Contented in Chrome


Image Source: Ian Johnson Photo

This bride would look at home on the altar or disco dancing in Studio 54!

4. After the Gold Rush


Image Source: Teneil Kable

Looks like her groom found a real gem up there in them rocks.

5. Came in Like a Disco Ball


Image Source: Stephanie Swann Weddings UK

This bride is bringing some well-needed sparkle into the forest.

6. Gatsby Glam


Image Source: Stephanie Kaloi Photography

While this dress looks like an antique straight out of the Jazz Age, it's actually totally modern and created by Scala, an eveningwear label.

7. Silver Streak


Image Source: The Hons Photo

This lady is the tattooed robot bride of our dreams.

8. Golden Rays of Sunshine


Image Source: Paula O'Hara

This bride has found her light and she's ready to sparkle.

9. Half and Half


Image Source: Brandi Smyth

Just because you're rocking out with metal, it doesn't mean you have to completely give up your wedding white.

10. Glitter Train


Image Source: Etsy

Etsy seller Gibson Bespoke makes vintage inspired gowns that will make you look like the loveliest ray of sunshine.

11. Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Image Source: Nisha Ravji

And dazzle with an unexpected strand of pearls.

Now that you've seen these metallic maidens, will you dare to cut the cake in copper? Or are you more of a bronze bride? No matter what element you choose, you're bound to reflect a lot of light and wedding day love!


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