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wedded list

Now that anyone can get ordained online (for free!), the days of getting married by a bored City Hall clerk or octogenarian priest are over!

Here are 11 people who should definitely start moonlighting as wedding officiates:

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Rehearsal dinners are a nice way to relax and mingle before your wedding. However, it's also a place where your friends and family may share secrets that you'd rather they'd just keep to themselves.

If you're throwing a rehearsal dinner, we hope you don't hear these 9 things:

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Most of the time weddings can be pretty boring for a kid. (You have to sit still and be quiet for so long... it's the WORST.)

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Remember when people used to throw rice at newlyweds? The tradition, which originated in Ancient Rome, stemmed from the desire to "shower" the couple with fertility, abundance, and good luck. A few decades ago, it was discovered that uncooked rice was bad for birds... so the tradition evolved and we found other things to throw at the bride and groom. Apparently, people really love throwing things.

Here are 11 bird-friendly things you can still pelt your favorite newlyweds with:

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Single women of the world unite! Or actually don't, because a company in Japan is now offering weddings for single women!

The Kyoto based Cerca Travel Company has a package where you can pay $2,500-$3,100 and get all dolled up in a traditional kimono, take pictures with a professional photographer, and have your own solo wedding ceremony.

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