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Rock Around the Clock with a Rockabilly Wedding

People involved in the Rockabilly lifestyle are obsessed with hot rods and rock and roll. Their idols are James Dean, Buddy Holly, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe... people who lived fast, and died young. When flaunting a flaming tattoo, or a perfectly coiffed Victory Roll, when Rockabillies wed, the resulting ceremony is just too cool for school.

Whether you've been dreaming of a '50s wedding ever since you sang "Summer Loving" in your middle school talent show, or you've been hanging out in the back of your local Rockabilly bar for decades, we've got the wedding for you:

1. Perfect in Pincurls


So you want to be a Rockabilly bride? Just get a head of pincurls, red lipstick, and a kitschy tattoo!

2. Tattooed Sole


Who decided that tattoos were just for your skin?

3. They May Not Be Blue Suede Shoes...


But we couldn't forget about kicks for the groom!

4. Billy Bouquet


This button bouquet pays tribute to all the things Rockabillies inexplicably love: cherries, flaming dice, leopard print, polka dots and, of course, SKULLS!

5. Hot Rod


Now that you've seen this hot pink Chevy limo, how could you even think of arriving to your wedding in anything else?

6. Goodness Gracious!


Is this a wedding cake or an actual work of art?

7. A Record Setting Centerpiece


We hope that nobody takes this T-bird away!

8. Cherry Baby


Saving this date will be as easy as cherry pie!

9. All Shook Up


Now your friends will be able to rock Elvis' signature pompadour... even if it's only in your photo booth.

10. Whole Lot of Shakin Going On


Class up your diner favorites, like milkshakes and rootbeer floats, by serving them in champagne flutes!

11. Love Me (Chicken) Tender


Or just have your whole reception in the diner!

12. Hand Picked Favors


We're just going to assume that your guests all play guitar already.

13. Shake, Rattle & Roll


Because no Rockabilly wedding would be complete without a live band and plenty of dancing!

If the spirit of the 1950s moves you, but you're still a thoroughly modern couple, a Rockabilly wedding might be just your style!

Photo Attributions:

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