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9 Wedding Fail Videos to Help You Laugh Your Way to the Altar

Stressed out from planning your big day? Worried that every detail won’t be absolutely perfect? Chill out, friend! It’s time to take a break and watch some wedding videos.  

Laugh through the tears as you realize that no amount of wedding planning can stop the law of gravity:


Image Source: wpja.com

We’ve compiled the 9 best “Wedding Fail” videos to help you lighten up and encourage you to have fun with the wedding planning process: 

1. Taking the Plunge

Before you build that poolside altar, remember: 9 out of 10 wedding fails take place beside a body of water. 

2. Unzipped Reception

Looking for the perfect gift to give your groomsmen? Consider buying each one of them a belt. 

3. Cake-tastrophe

Can’t we do away with this “feeding each other cake” tradition once and for all? 

4. Doggie “I Do’s”

Let’s be real, this dog was probably just upset that he wasn’t invited to be in the bridal party. 

5. Bros Before Floors

Watch this video and be glad that your groomsmen vetoed that choreographed number. 

6. Love on the lake

Looking for a scenic place to take photographs? Make sure that dock is still architecturally sound.

7. Farting Flower Girl

This unseen little girl either had a lot of beans for lunch… or she’s purposely trying to ruin this wedding

8. Falling in Love

You’d be surprised at how many people faint at the altar. Pro tips: don’t lock your knees, and eat before the ceremony. No child was harmed in the making of this clip. 

9. Tripping Over Tradition

The whole point of a groom carrying a bride is to get her over the threshold, isn’t it? 

When you’re deep in the throes of wedding planning, it’s easy to get stressed out. But once you realize that no amount of organization can protect you from the clumsiness of others, you should just surrender. Who knows, you could go viral!


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