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Channel Your Inner Tarzan and Jane With a Treehouse Wedding

Did you know that there are treehouses where big kids can have their dream weddings high up in the treetops?


Image Source: Jagger Photography

They're hidden away all over the world, just waiting for you and your beloved to climb up and say your "I Do's" among the branches.


Image Source: Ruffled Blog

Is there any lovelier sight than seeing a bridal party traipse through the forest?


Image Source: Jagger Photography

Instead of vows, you could read to each other from The Giving Tree:


Image Source: Alison Cherry Books

Can you imagine watching the stars glowing from your treetop perch? How romantic!


Image Source: Helen Russell Photography

Don't think that just because you're in a treehouse, you have to eat sitting on blankets on the floor! Many of these tree house venues have their own catering services, with food and accommodations fit for the king and queen of the forest.


Image Source: Sean Molin

The pictures you take are bound to make your Facebook friends jealous!


Image Source: Redbox Pictures

The most enchanting thing about your treehouse wedding? If you want to slip away for a little while, you can always find an accommodating hammock:


Image Source: Heather Trimm Photography

If you want to light up your special day with a little magic, a treehouse wedding is definitely worth going out on a limb.


Image Source: Lists10


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