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13 Mouth Watering Reasons to Serve Summer Staples at Your Wedding

Even though it feels like we just can't shake winter, we're fantasizing about long, hot days spent at the pool or beside the campfire. For those that love all that the summer sun has to offer, why not serve your favorite summer foods at your wedding? That way, your guests will feel like they're at a picnic—even if your wedding takes place indoors.


Here are 13 different summertime foods that can be classed up for a warm weather wedding:

1. Mac & Cheese Please!


Forget about the gold around her finger, this bride is all about that golden mac and cheese delight.

2. Scrumptious S'mores:


No matter how old you get, S'mores are always a delight.

3. Corn on the Cob... on a Stick:


Just make sure to check your teeth after chomping down on this grilled deliciousness.

4. Baked Beans:


You know that beans are good for the heart, so why not serve them at your wedding?

5. Watermelon:


Watermelon is simple and sweet, but can be really classed up with some goat cheese and dainty sprigs of mint.

6. Fla-Vor-Ice:


After all that dancing, you're going to need some refreshing iciness that won't drip all over your dress.

7. Beer Boat:


Nothing says "relaxed" liked floating on the lake in a boat that's filled with your favorite brew.

8. French Fried Love:


The only problem with serving fries in adorable little buckets is that one bucket is never enough!

9. Colorful Cotton Candy:


Feel like you're a kid at the fairground, about to kiss your crush on the top of the Ferris Wheel for the very first time.

10. Hot Dog!


Sometimes you just need a little wiener.

11. Ice Cream, You Scream:


You can serve anything at a wedding as long as it's appropriately labeled.

12. When Life Gives You Lemonade:


On a hot summer day, sometimes a glass of lemonade is the only thing that can cool you down.

13. BBQ Bib:


Don't forget that BBQs are messy! Your guests are wearing their finest duds... make sure they stay that way!

Wedding food shouldn't be limited to just the "chicken or fish" option. If summertime snacks make you happy, go for it! Just remind your Uncle Dave that unlike most summer BBQs, the dress code isn't "shirts optional." No one needs to see that!

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