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9 Accessory Alternatives for the Badass Bride!

So you've got the classic white dress, a traditional venue, and a string quartet. That doesn't mean you can't still jazz up the ensemble! All that glitters isn't just gold. Here are nine alternatives to classic accessories.

1. Convertible Headbands!


This bejeweled headband is on fleek. BUT IT GETS BETTER! The center chain is detachable. It's a necklace, too! Our minds = blown.

2. Feathers!


Who needs a veil when you've got jeweled encrusted peacock feathers?!

3. Fingerless Bridal Gloves!


These aren't your granny's elbow-length cotillion gloves, that's for sure!

4. Living Necklaces!


This live tiny turtle in a necklace can symbolize your love—slow and steady. Just be sure to let it loose right after the ceremony. The turtle, not your new groom or bride!

5. Superhero garter!


For those mild-mannered brides and bridesmaids. Unless you want to proclaim your comic book fandoms loud and proud.

6. Beaded earrings!


Add a splash of color to your ensemble. Warning: Put them on AFTER you brush your hair!

7. The Mish-Mash!


50% veil, 50% headdress, this whimsical creation is 100% gorgeous.

8. She's Got Sole!


Flash some sass with every step you take in these creative heels!

9. Button Bouquet!


Even if every other aspect of your wedding is traditional white, having this adorable multi-colored button explosion as a bouquet would get your badassness across very nicely!

Make it big! Make it bright! Make it beautiful! But most importantly, make it yours.

LaBella Bridal Accessories

Delores Petunia

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