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Shuffle is a Sin: Why You Shouldn’t Let an iPhone DJ Your Wedding

Ever since the iPod was released in the early aughts, techie couples eager to save some of their wedding budget stopped hiring live entertainment. They made their ideal playlists, plugged their device into the speaker system, and hoped for the best.

When it comes to your wedding, "hoping for the best" just won't cut it. That's why we're urging you to reconsider your wedding entertainment situation.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't use your smart phone to DJ your wedding.

1. That hip-hop song you downloaded last summer doesn't fit in with the rest of your playlist.

Weddingmusic 1

Image source: Written by Deb

Remember the summer of 2012 when you fell in love with that 2 Chainz song? Probably not. And now, everyone who's been grooving to Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bereilles all night long is going to have to listen to it. The song will stick out like a sore thumb, and it'll only be awkward if you jump up to skip it.

2. Volume spikes.

Weddingmusic 2

Image source: Vector Free

Everyone who's ever used the shuffle setting has experienced volume spikes—the dramatic increase or decrease in volume in between songs. There's always that one song (probably leftover from your Napster days) that will make everyone cover their ears.

3. So, you customized a wedding playlist...

Weddingmusic 3

Image Source: Intertwined Events

Unless you've calculated the minutes of all your songs, odds are the music will come to an abrupt end before your reception is over. Silence may be golden, but it's also awkward, especially at a party. If you don't want a silent room, your only choice is to restart the same playlist and hope that everyone's too drunk to remember that they've already heard "At Last" before.

If you want to keep everyone on their feet, while still saving some cash, you still have a few options:

1. Find some musical friends.

Image Source: Giphy

Chances are, if you bump into a group of hipsters, you're bound to find someone that plays ukulele.

2. Go back to college.

Weddingmusic 4

Image Source: Procrastination Pandas

Colleges are filled with band geeks and a capella nerds who are dying to perform for you on your special day. Chances are, they'll do it for free—as long as they get dibs on the leftovers.

3. Spring for a DJ.

Image Source: Giphy

Even a cheap DJ who only plays Bar Mitzvahs is worth it if your friends can hear their requests without watching you scroll through your iTunes.

Remember, your wedding is a party, not just an expensive dress viewing ceremony. Springing for a DJ or a live band will guarantee that your guests will be moved to dance the night away.


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