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Do the “Cell Block Tango” at Your Gorgeous Penitentiary Wedding

The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia was once the largest (and scariest) prison in the world.


Now the gargoyle-covered fortress lies in ruins... and is the perfect place for a wedding.


With its stunning vaulted ceilings and skylights, the interior is meant to look like a monastery.


It's so eerily beautiful, you'll almost forget that you're saying "I Do" in the place that pioneered the concept of solitary confinement.


The penitentiary is now an interactive museum that offers tours and hosts art installations, haunted houses, and scavenger hunts. The most popular exhibit in the jail is Al Capone's cell. When he was incarcerated in 1929, he was allowed to supply his own furnishings and lived in relative luxury:


The rotunda, just steps away from Scarface's cell, is where modern day couples tie the noose.


For a rental fee of $2,000, couples can reserve the prison rotunda for up to 100 guests. Food and drink aren't included, but who would want to eat so close to Death Row?


On certain days, the penitentiary enforces "Photographer's Hours" where photographers have the place all to themselves during twilight. Now your wedding album will be even more unforgettable!


If you're an adventurous couple that can handle the idea of an eerie, jailhouse wedding, a trip to Eastern State Penitentiary might be the perfect place to begin your marriage sentence!


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