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Free Wedding Vows for the Video Game Obsessed Couple


When you're a gamer, you can't put down the controls for a minute—even if that means letting those wedding vows fall by the wayside. Luckily, we've got the perfect vows for you, Player 1 and Player 2!

Player 1:

Being with you is like having maxmotives all the time:

Image Source: Tumblr

I'll always have your back when we go on missions:

Image Source: CDN

And I'll forgive you, even when you accidentally blow us up:

Image Source: Giphy

Even though we'll be competing against one another sometimes:


Image Source: Racing Car Games

I'll always make sure there are enough beds for both of us when night comes:


Source: DeviantArt

Player 2:

I knew you were special when you asked me if I wanted to come over to watch you play video games. That's MY usual line!


Image Source: CDN

I promise to never use a blue shell on you:

Image Source: Tumblr

And to never be resentful of your banana peel placement:

Image Source: Giphy

Even though sometimes I call you names in the heat of the moment:

Image Source: Talon PS

Just know that you're my n00b, and I'm yours

Image Source: E Baum's World


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