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put a zing on it

Diva on a Budget: 8 Things to Cut and Have Your Wedding Still Look Like a Million Bucks

It's your wedding day and theoretically, the sky's the limit when it comes to having the ceremony of your dreams. But unless your name starts with a K and ends with a "dashian," chances are you don't have a few extra zillion laying around for those little "extras."

Here are 8 luxuries you should be willing to let go of:

1. You don't need Beyoncé to perform at the reception:


Image Source: JustJared

Sure, we're all crazy in love with her and would kill to have her sing at our big day, but Queen Bey doesn't come cheap – somewhere in the 'hood of a cool two-mill. Hiring a talented Beyonce impersonator – say RuPaul's Drag Race winner, Season 2, Tyra Sanchez, is much more affordable and (dare we say) a lot more fun.

2. You don't need to have a Marie Antoinette themed wedding at the Palace of Versailles:


Image Source: Live Science

While it's a location fit for a queen, Versailles has already been "done" by Kimye for their 2014 rehearsal dinner. If you're looking for a destination wedding venue, then consider "America's Versailles," the 90,000 square foot home in Windermere, FL. Plagued by debt, its owners (the subject of the 2012 doc, The Queen of Versailles) say it'll be finished in the "near future." Our guess is you could get it for un peu.

3. You don't need over 1,000 people in your wedding party:


Image Source: UK Mirror

We know that cutting the list is always a brutal task, but chances are there are at least 937 people that don't need to walk down the aisle with you. Any non-essential friends will be happy watching from the pews. Or happy at home... where they don't need to buy a gift.

4. You don't need a Haute Couture Wedding Dress:


Image Source: Searching for Style

While nobody's saying your aisle is any less of a fabulous walk than say, down a red carpet, you also don't need to corner the market on Swarovski-encrusted gowns, either. Companies like Rent the Runway allow you to rock high fashion at extra low prices.

5. You don't need a wedding cake that's taller than your house:


Image Source: College of Southern Nevada

Much like big hair, big cakes make it seem like you're overcompensating for something. You can have your normal sized cake and eat it with pride!

6. You don't need to hire Gordon Ramsay as your caterer:


Image Source: Nextshark

When was the last time Gordon Ramsay actually cooked anything, anyway? He's too busy with all that screaming!

7. You don't need to purchase a $300,000 diamond tiara:


Image Source: The Wedding Tiara

Let's be honest about tiaras: if you are over the age of 5, not a Disney princess and/or official royalty, it's a bit of a stretch to rock a tiara. A tasteful Cubic Zirconium encrusted headband for $12.99 is equally effective and much more flattering.

8. You don't need a fleet of private jets for your guests:


Image Source: Helicopter Air Charter

Sure flying in formation is a trip, but leave that kind of exercise to the military. Allow your guests to arrive on their own and at their leisure, and take the millions you save and book Beyonce instead.

Wait... maybe it's back to being a diva after all!


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