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11 Cake Alternatives That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

The wedding cake is a major part of matrimonial tradition. There’s even a whole portion of the reception devoted to cutting the cake! Slicing a piece of overpriced dessert shouldn’t be a spectator sport, and yet—people can’t wait to see a groom smush icing into the bride’s mouth. If you really want to give your guests something to look at, why not try skipping the cake all together? 

We’ve found 11 tasty wedding cake alternatives that will keep even the most conservative of wedding guests well fed and happy. 

1. Oreo Tower 

CakeAlternate 1

Image Source: brides.com

This Oreo cake looks great, and you already know it tastes delicious. While most wedding cakes cost hundreds of dollars, this one shouldn’t set you back more than a few bucks—unless those cookies are double-stuffed. 

2. Doughnut Delight

CakeAlternate 2

Image Source: bridalguide.com

Now that you have a wedding cake straight out of Homer Simpson’s dreams, why don’t you consider getting married right in the middle of a doughnut shop

3. Sweetie Pie

CakeAlternate 3

Image Source: pinterest.com

Each tier is a different flavor, so pleasing your guests will be as easy as pie. 

4. Cut the Crepe

CakeAlternate 4

Image Source: oddee.com

This decadent treat is just as sweet as a traditional wedding cake, but the paper thin crepes and rich filling gives an unexpected French flair to the reception! Ooh la la!

5. Cereal Ceremony

CakeAlternate 5

Image Source: poptasticbride.com

This cake is a grown up, more colorful version of a Rice Krispies treat…and the bride and groom won’t be the only ones eating with their hands!

6. Pizza My Heart

CakeAlternate 6

Image Source: lover.ly/planning

Celebrate your love with a Meat Lovers Wedding Cake from Domino’s. So far the chain only sells Wedding Pizzas in the UK, but this cheesy masterpiece seems like a pretty simple DIY. 

7. Wedding Waffle

CakeAlternate 7

Image Source: oddee.com

Why cut the cake when you can pour the syrup? 

8. Macaron Marriage

CakeAlternate 8

Image Source: onewed.com

Show everyone you’re up on the latest trends with a cake made from the “It” desert of 2015. 

9. Sushi Surprise

CakeAlternate 9

Image Source: miyas-catering.co

The “surprise” might be the food poisoning everyone will get after that cake sits out in the sun for a little too long. 

10. Fruit Cake

CakeAlternate 10

Image Source: vegetablefruitcarving.com

This fruit cake is a colorful and better tasting alternative to that other kind of fruitcake. 

11. Say Cheese

CakeAlternate 11

Image Source: brightboldbeautiful.com

The ubiquitous cheese cake (not to be confused with an actual cheesecake) is a classy choice for Pinterest-loving couples that prefer a savory desert. 

Are you totally inspired by these wedding cake alternatives? Great. Now you won’t have to pay a rag tag team of Jersey guys to make you that cake that looks more like an architectural sculpture than a dessert: 

CakeAlternate 12

Image Source: clumsycow.tumblr.com


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