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put a zing on it

10 Things You Definitely Should Include in Your Prenup

Better safe than sorry. Make sure you add these key items in your prenup so that your favorite belongings don't go to your ex!!!

1. The one really good smushy pillow

Prenup 1 

Image Source: mycomfortu

2. Dennis Franz’s Emmy (bought at Vegas pawn shop)

Prenup 2

Image Source: abc7chicago.com.com

3. The right to play as Bowser on Super Mario Kart

Prenup 3

Image Source: Flickr 

4. My pride

Prenup 4

Image Source: Flickr 

5. The last of the original Twinkies

Prenup 5

Image Source: Flickr 

6. Neighbor we’ve both been banging

Prenup 6 

Image Source: Comedy Central

7. World’s largest Pokemon collection

Prenup 7

Image Source: Barcroft Media

8. The voices in your head

Prenup 8 

Image Source: sodahead.com

9. Better luck on the next marriage

 Prenup 9

Image Source: realfilmcareer.com

10. Netflix DVDs we were forced to buy

Prenup 10

Image Source: wbkr.com


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