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put a zing on it

Celeb Weddings that We’re Totally Psyched for in 2015

Well, we don’t know if they’ve even set the date yet, but these are the couples we’re looking forward to seeing tie the knot this year! 

1. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

The “internet’s boyfriend” broke our hearts when he announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter in November.  Who is this woman?  Has she written thousands of pages of fan-fiction about a three-way between her, Sherlock, and John Watson? Probably not.  She seems very nice.  Whatever.  

celeb weddings 2015 photo1 

Image Source: Telegraph

At least we now know that his mother’s name is Wanda Cumberbatch.

2. Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner

When a former Spice Girl gets married, it’s a cause for celebration.  We’re not so secretly hoping that the other Spices serve as her bridesmaids, complete with platform shoes and skimpy dresses.  Maybe they’ll even sing a little at the reception?  If that got leaked to YouTube, it would almost make up for our lost invitation. 

celeb weddings 2015 photo2            

Image Source: Maggiesemple.com

Baby Spice is also engaged, but what are the odds that SHE’LL walk down the aisle in a Union Jack dress? 

3. Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva

This wedding is all about estranged mother Courtney Love.  Will she crash the wedding?  Sing a slurry version of a Hole song at the reception and post it to YouTube? Wear crotch-less underwear and flash the congregation?  One can only dream. 

 celeb weddings 2015 photo3               

Image Source: Feelnumb.com

Bonus points if Frances Bean wears pajamas to her wedding, like her dad did in 1992. 

4. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Just like the Royal Wedding, Lance Bass’ nuptials will be broadcast on the E! Network on February 5th.  The event is totally groundbreaking—it’s the first celebrity wedding between two men to ever be aired on television in America.  But it’s also going to be super lame.  Justin Timberlake probably won’t show up.  And Lisa Vanderpump definitely will.  Gross. 

celeb weddings 2015 photo4 

Image Source: US Magazine        

Note: Lance and Michael may have alreay tied the knot...but we won't be able to watch until 2015 (so it doesn't count!!) The special is called “Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding,” so let’s not forget who this show is REALLY about. 

5. Mary-Kate Olsen and an Old Man

We are very excited to see how Olsen’s bag-lady chic translates to a wedding dress. Imagine her scowling down the aisle when she marries Olivier Sarkozy (a man who’s twice her height and age.)  Do you think there’ll be a comic mix-up when Sarkozy “accidentally” gropes Mary-Kate’s twin sister Ashley? 

celeb weddings 2015 photo5 

Image Source: UPI.com

They like to watch sports together.  That’s…nice. 

6. Courteney Cox and David Arquette…

…are both going to marry other people!  Is it a coincidence that the once-married couple announced their engagements within weeks of each other?!  We are hoping and praying for dueling weddings.  How will their mutual friends decide between them?

celeb weddings 2015 photo6 

Image Source: Huffington Post

They weren’t just acting silly in this photo. 

7. Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler

We are hoping this wedding has two things: a ridiculous dress and a tie-in episode of The Voice.  Her million-dollar wedding was scheduled for New Year’s Eve, but Xtina doesn’t want to be upstaged by some descending ball.

celeb weddings 2015 photo7 

Image Source: Worldofwedmin.com

This is what she wore to her last wedding—which cost 2.2 million.  Looks like it was worth every penny. 

8. Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Dr. Danny Castellano

This is a completely fictional couple.   But when the mid-season finale of The Mindy Project hinted at an engagement, we couldn’t help but fantasize about this wedding. 

celeb weddings 2015 photo8 

Image Source: Zap2it.com

9. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

It’s finally happening!  Jackie and Kelso are back together—the way it was always intended. Television lovers let out a collective sigh of happiness when the two were spotted together after Kutcher’s split from Demi Moore.  Now they have a daughter, and will probably live happily ever after, right? 

celeb weddings 2015 photo9 

Image Source: That 70's Show

Now we’re hoping that the rest of That ‘70s Show cast will be in the bridal party—in period costume. 

10. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Will America’s Sweetheart finally get her happy ending?  She’s already been engaged for over two years.  If we have to wait one more minute for a Jennifer Aniston wedding spread in Vanity Fair, the nation will fall apart. The couple recently went to Bora Bora to celebrate their engagement anniversary.  Get it together, guys. 

celeb weddings 2015 photo10 

Image Source: Mirror.co.uk

We vote that they’re already married and Punking us all. 

2015 has just arrived -- these celebs should make a collective resolution to give us what we want this year!


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