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9 Frozen Wedding Deserts to Make You Forget About Cake

Having an outdoor wedding this summer? Be prepared for a few unsatisfied guests-- when the temperatures rise, nobody is interested in wedding cake.

Since the best part of summer is ice cream and frozen everything, how about making that the best part of your wedding?


We've come up with a 9 refreshing alternatives to warm wedding desserts:

1. The "Open Bar"


An ice cream bar! Otherwise known as the only type of bar that won't result in Aunt Lisa singing Diana Ross throwbacks with Uncle Gary's tie on her head.

2. Soul-Mate Sandwiches


Donuts and ice-cream are a match made in cavity-filled heaven!

3. "Half Baked" Wedding Cake


Ben and Jerry – friends with everyone and won't hit on the bridesmaids! (*ahem*, looking at you, Kevin.)

4. Bottle-Popping Popsicles


For the guests that are technically adults, but still kids at heart.

5.Wedding Cake Milkshake


Have your cake and drink it too!

6. Honeymoon Hot Chocolate On a Stick


These will win over your in-laws much faster than you did.

7. Faithfully Frozen Bananas


Since these frozen treats are portable, you can greet your guests and dance the night away—all while eating dessert!

8. "I Do" Ice Cream Bites


Cake Pops? Please. So five years ago. Ice-Cream Bites are the new "it" mini-food.

9. Marry-Me-Mango Sorbet Dreamsicle


The dreamiest thing at your wedding... no offense to your new spouse.

When throwing a summer wedding, take pity on your guests and serve them these frozen delights. They're so good, they're worth coming outside for!

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