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It's a fan's world, and we're all lucky enough to be living in it. That must be why there are so many real-life venues where die-hard fans can have the wedding of their dreams.

Here are 9 amazing wedding venues where fantasy can be turned into matrimony:

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They say that your wedding day is all about feeling like a princess...but what if you'd rather be a fairy or an angel? If you'd like your wedding day look to be a little more magical, why not strap on a pair of wings before you walk down the aisle?

We've found 11 ways to rock your wings on your wedding day:

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If you're still looking for crazy cool wedding invitations to send out to your friends and family, and don't want to spend a fortune on fancy letter pressed stationery, consider doing it yourself!

We've found a super easy way to DIY your own beautifully marbled stationery... with SHAVING CREAM! (Yes, we're serious.)

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Sailor Moon, the Japanese anime about a group of girls that magically turn into planetary super heroes, has just had a major comeback on Hulu. The romantic cartoon from the '90s has been re-animated... and now everybody seems to have that Sailor Moon fever again!

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Chalkboard cakes are one of the season's biggest wedding trends that has to be seen to be believed. With the help of black fondant and powdered sugar "chalk," bakers are able to make cakes that can be written on, erased, and written on again!

Here are 11 wedding cakes that prove you don't have to be a school teacher in order to appreciate a beautifully lettered chalkboard:

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