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13 Wedding Cakes for Your Ultimate Super Fan Wedding

Last week, the Internet was buzzing about a life-sized chocolate sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch:


Image Source: AV Club

This 88-pound hunk of Belgian chocolate got us thinking; if super fans could create this delicious Sherlock homage, what could they do with wedding cake?

Here are 13 amazing wedding cakes that show how for some couples, fandoms really take the cake:

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Image Source: Charm City Cakes

This masterpiece, created by the geniuses at Charm City Cakes, is a colorful and whimsical homage to the cult Tim Burton movie. Although after seeing what Jack the Pumpkin King did to Christmas, we're kind of nervous to see what he'd do to a wedding!

2. The Wizard of Oz


Image Source: Foodista

To get this stunning layered cake, you simply have to click your heels three times and you'll find yourself at the best bakery in Munchkin Land.

3. Over the Rainbow


Image Source: Inspired by This

For a more subtle homage to the Emerald City, check out this witchy green cake covered in poppies. Just make sure you don't fall asleep when you cut into this beauty.

4. Game of Thrones


Image Source: Choccy Woccy

Have the red wedding of your dreams with this blood-soaked cake created by British chocolatier Choccywoccydoodah. (Yes, that's really their name!)

5. Doctor Who


Image Source: Belle Memorie

This Doctor Who inspired wedding cake will be almost as well dressed as you are!

6. The Little Mermaid


Image Source: Flickr

Go under the sea with this incredibly detailed oceanic cake. Just try not to think about the fact that mer-people probably don't eat baked goods.

7. The Hunger Games


Image Source: Caroline Frost Photography

May the odds be ever in your favor with this lovely Hunger Games cake. (Who knew that "lovely" and "Hunger Games" could be in the same sentence together?)

8. The Lord of the Rings


Image Source: Colin Cowie Weddings

In the world of LOTR themed wedding cakes (and believe us, there are a lot), this is the one cake to rule them all.

9. Star Wars


Image Source: When Geeks Wed

AT-AT Walkers have never looked so cute!

10. Wonder Woman and Captain America


Image Source: When Geeks Wed

DC and Marvel come together with a BAM! in this crossover wedding cake.

11. Harry Potter


Image Source: Pinterest

Looks like you've found the snitch AND you've found true love!

12. Nintendo


Image Source: Technabob

The whole universe of Nintendo characters play Mario Kart all over this awesome tiered cake.

13. Ghostbusters


Image Source: Technabob

You think you can crash this wedding, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Think again, buddy!

From Potterheads to Whovians, you'll be sure to find a perfect wedding cake, no matter what your fandom!


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