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My Hero! 11 Way to Add Some Comic Book Charm to Your Special Day

Batman and Catwoman, Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Iron Man and Pepper Potts. The love stories of these power couples continue to enchant comic book readers everywhere. You and your own true love can join the ranks of these super couples with some simple comic book wedding touches.


Here are 11 small (but mighty) touches that will help you pull off a superhero wedding that's as big a hit as The Avengers:

1. An Invitation Befitting a Dynamic Duo:


Take your wedding sky high with this invitation based off of the iconic Superman/Lois Lane wedding issue.

2. Garter (Utility) Belt:


It might not have as many bells and whistles as the Dark Knight's utility belt, but it'll be sure to make your geeky guests as giddy as the Joker on a trip to the laughing gas factory.

3. Boutonnieres That Bring the Action:


Just remember to stay away from your fiancé's mint-condition action figures when making these super powered boutonnieres.

4. A Touch of Clark Kent Class:


On second thought, you might not want Superman anywhere near your neck after the way Man of Steel ended...

5. A Fearless Floral Arrangement:


Don't let Poison Ivy get her hands on this beautiful bouquet. There's no doubt she'll find a way to turn this stylish arrangement into something sinister.

6. Powerful Pumps:


These heels put even Wonder Woman's stylish red boots to shame.

7. Making an Entrance with Impact:


Make your reception entrance a Hulk-sized smash by setting up this "brick wall" and crashing through it with your super strength.

8. A Wonderful Cake That'll Make You Go Batty:


The best part: Once you're finished with the cake, you'll have two new action figures to add to your collection!

9. Action-Packed Silverware:


WHAM! POW! These toasting glasses and cake set will pack a real punch at your reception!

10. An Epic Photo Op:


Note: Jimmy Olsen-esque photographer not included.

11. Wedding Guests Assemble!


This epic seating chart will help you to remember not to put any DC Comics fans next to Marvel lovers.

With small touches like this, you'll be sure to have a great day with your (grooms)men of steel and your (brides)maids of might at your side!

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