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Avoid Signature Cocktail Fails with These Toast-Worthy Drink Ideas

“So, like, what do you think their signature cocktail is going to be?” – Nobody, ever. 

First, a concession: when done correctly, a signature cocktail can be a cute and delicious detail that adds charm to an already great reception. 


Image Source: theknot.com

But more often than not, it’s a syrupy pink concoction that will make you sick before it gets you drunk.  Why? Because some genius wedding planner realized that if they served watered-down drinks with sparkly swizzle sticks, nobody would notice that the harder stuff wasn’t on the house. 

A recently conducted, non-scientific survey found that 9 out of 10 bridesmaids prefer an open bar to something called “The Blushing Bride.”  (And that 10th bridesmaid was the groom’s high school-aged cousin.) 

Here are a few wedding day signature cocktail failures: 

1. Beer and Burger Sliders

Cocktails 2

Image Source: itsabrideslife.com

Do I really need to point out that these beers are entirely too small?  Cute doesn’t get ya drunk, people. 

2. “Creative” Cocktails

Cocktails 3

Image Source: homedit.com

Wow. Don’t hurt your brains trying to come up with your signature cocktail, guys.  A real mixologist would cringe if they were asked to serve a plain old “Rum & Coke.”

3. Cotton Candy Cocktail

Cocktails 4

Image Source: jonathanivyphoto.com

Let’s be real: all that cotton candy is just a barrier to the alcohol. 

4. Milk and Cookies

Cocktails 5

Image Source: southernweddings.com

Milk and cookies are great, but unless those are White Russians in those shot glasses—YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT. 

Now if you’re still determined to have a signature cocktail, make sure it’s something your guests would actually want to drink. 

Here are a few ideas: 

1. Baby Champagne Bottles

Cocktails 6

Image Source: homedit.com

Tie straws to the necks of tiny champagne bottles and fill a tub with the nectar of the gods. (PRO TIP: this is a great way to drink champagne at the movies, too!)

2. Whiskey!

Cocktails 7

Image Source: homedit.com

A thing of beauty for whiskey connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike. 

3. Summer Sangria

Cocktails 8

Image Source: ruffledblog.com

Everyone loves sangria, especially when it’s self-serve. 

4. Glitteratti

Cocktails 9

Sure, we joked earlier about pink cocktails with swizzle sticks, but the fact remains that if you put glitter on the rim of a glass, people will be dying to try it… no matter what you’re serving. 

At the end of the day, just remember that no matter what you serve, a signature cocktail should never take the place of an open bar! 


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