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wedded list

11 Awesome People We Would Want as Our Wedding Officiates

Now that anyone can get ordained online (for free!), the days of getting married by a bored City Hall clerk or octogenarian priest are over!

Here are 11 people who should definitely start moonlighting as wedding officiates:

1. Rebel Wilson

She's funny, she's loud, and she's bound to deliver a sermon full of pratfalls and positivity.

2. Flula Borg

If you want the most bumpin' wedding with some hot jamz, internet phenomenon German Flula is your man.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsberg


In 2013, Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the first member of the Supreme Court to officiate a same-sex wedding. It's official, the Notorious R.B.G. is the coolest officiant in the business.

4. Amy Schumer

Why can't all wedding officiants start the ceremony with a monologue about their vagina?

5. Joe Biden

He's all you need for a malarkey-free day.

6. Stefon

So that all of your guests will know that for the after-after party, the hottest club is just down the street.

7. Stephen Colbert

That whole Late Show thing might not work out... and he'll need a side gig!

8. Louise Belcher

Louise can shrilly provide a brutally honest ceremony that will end in hospitalization and a missing cake.

9. Ron Swanson

Short. Simple. American. These things describe Ron Swanson and can also describe your wedding ceremony, should this mountain man officiate.

10. The Feminist Bookstore Owners


Somebody's got to tell the men in the congregation about menstruation.

11. And, of course, the guy from The Princess Bride

Just make sure you don't start imitating his speech impediment. He hates that.

If you do manage to get one of these folks to officiate your wedding, (which would be impressive, since some of them are fictional characters) please send us an invite. STAT!

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