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Free Wedding Vows for the Couple That Met Online

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I didn't think people actually met online until my friends made an account for me after I got dumped and wouldn't stop crying.


Image Source: MediaWow UK

I'll admit...I only went along at first because I thought all the girls online were easy.


Image Source: iPhone Text Generator

Then I came across your profile. You had the cutest selfie of all!


Image Source: Es La Moda

I knew you were the one when you didn't have "not like other girls" written on your profile. That's how I knew you weren't like other girls.


Image Source: iMovie Quotes

Thanks for seeing past that picture of me in the fedora. I was going through a Don Draper phase.


Image Source: Img Ace

Even though you didn't have Fight Club listed as one of your top movies, we make a great pair.

Gif Source: Movie Rdo

I'm so glad we both swiped right.


Image Source: Recode


When I saw your shirtless mirror selfie, I thought you might just be a douche.

Image Source: Smosh

But I'm glad I took a chance on indulging in my more superficial side.

When I first started online dating, I thought all I'd be doing was uploading my messages onto feminist Tumblr pages.


Image Source: Straight White Boys Texting

Thank you for sending a pickup line that was appropriately cheesy.


Image Source: Pickup-line Cards

Sorry I chickened out when you suggested we meet IRL.

Gif Source: Giphy

And thanks for agreeing to tell my family that when we DID finally meet, it was at a bar.


Image Source: Reddit

Even though I knew you weren't completely being honest with me when I said I love Stevie Nicks and you said you were a huge fan of HIS work.

We were only a 50% match, but I'm 100% sure we were meant to be.


Image Source: Softpedia


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