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put a zing on it

7 Ways to Distract Your Guests From Your Wedding Day Zit

You wake up early on your wedding day, with the sun shining and the birds chirping. You're so excited to get ready for this day of friends, family, and photographers. Walking into the bathroom, you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and HORROR OF HORRORS: you've got a wedding day zit.


What are you supposed to do when your bridal face is marred by a throbbing, red pimple?

Luckily, we have a few solutions for you:

1. Cover it up... with makeup!


Use a whole bottle of concealer if you have to. A glob of skin-colored makeup is DEFINITLEY less distracting than a tiny red bump.

2. Cover it up... with your veil!


The bridal veil covers up a multitude of sins—especially the ones on your face. When it's time to kiss the bride, don't let your partner lift that veil. Kiss through the lace if you have to.

3. Cover it up... with a mask!


Pretend that your wedding was masquerade themed all along. Yell at everyone for ruining your special day with their bare faces.

4. Cover it up... with cake!


Ask your partner to do the traditional cake smooshing thing at the beginning of the day, before you even walk down the aisle. Conveniently "forget" to wash your face.

5. Draw attention away from it... with more spots!


Wear the "Roy Lichtenstein" look on your wedding day and no one will be thinking about your zit.

6. Name it!


Naming something takes away its power, right?

7. Wait it Out... by postponing the wedding!


Instead of getting married, stay in bed with acne treatment on your face. Everyone will feel sorry for your fiancé, making it that much more joyful when you two finally tie the knot! (When your face is clearer, of course.)

Remember, popping your pimple only makes it angrier. Not at least you still have some ways to put your best face forward.

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