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put a zing on it

7 Alternative Styles for a Nudist Wedding

Are you a bride that loves challenging convention and shocking your family? Were you raised in a nudist camp? Or maybe you just want to take that nude wedding dress trend to a whole new level.  

Whatever the reasoning, here are 7 ways brides can stay stylish while they’re in their birthday suit. 

1. Body Painted Beauty

Nude 1

Image Source: eyecandybodyart.webs.com

Somewhere out there, an artist is ready to take her fairground face painting game to a whole new level. Consider hiring her to decorate you on your special day. 

2. Matrimonial Mendhi

Nude 2

Image Source: exportersindia.com

For centuries, North Indian brides have been decorating themselves with henna. Why not cover your whole body in those intricate designs? It might take a day or two to complete, but it’ll be worth it every time your groom looks at you…for the next 14 days. 

3. Mermaid Hair

Nude 3

Image Source: thelongtriphome.tumblr.com

Postpone your wedding till your hair has grown long enough to cover up your lady bits. Then, walk down the aisle like you’re Ariel using her legs for the very first time. 

4. Channel Adam and Eve

Nude 4

Image Source: blog.youmeeting.me

Honor the original bride and groom and cover yourself in fig leaves. 

5. Censored

Nude 5

Image Source: examiner.com

Parents of small children will be grateful for this sartorial choice. 

6. Pixelate

Nude 6

Image Source: pixgood.com

Pixelate yourself. Now that you’re getting married, that body is for one person’s eyes only. 

7. Convenient Fruit Placement

Nude 7

Image Source: mrgoodlife.net

Make sure those wedding pics stay Facebook friendly with conveniently placed fruit baskets!

Nude 8

Image Source: mrgoodlife.net

If you aren’t totally inspired by these 7 family friendly ways to be naked on your wedding day, then maybe you better wait till after you’re married to take those clothes off. 


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