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Gift Suggestions for the Artsy Couple

Once a couple has been labeled as “artsy,” they are pretty much doomed to a future of receiving watercolors and paper for every holiday and birthday for the rest of their coupledom.  They’re building a life together, NOT an elementary school art room.  Check out the items below for wedding gift ideas that are creative and unique—just like your favorite couple.

1. Whirly Hanging Candleholder - $4.95 each

Gifts artsy couple

Image Source: wantist.com


Anything done by candlelight just gives off the vibe of creativity, so what better way to showcase artistic cred than with a candle chandelier? Tell your “artsy” couple to get ready for compliments at their next salon. 

2. Stumptown Coffee “Roaster’s Pick” Subscription- $20 a month

Gifts artsy couple 2

Image Source: Instagram


Creativity is pretty much non-existent without caffeine.  Make sure your favorite couple keeps their newlywed buzz going with a coffee subscription from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  Each month, they’ll receive a different blend of Stumptown’s finest. 

3. Aqua Notes - $7

Gifts artsy couple 3

Image Source: myaquanotes.com


Showers--not just for sex anymore!  Make sure the “artsy” couple never forgets a great idea with these waterproof notepads!  

4. Desserts on Me! Personalized Chocolate Body Paint - $19.95

Gifts artsy couple 4

Image Source: personalizationmall.com


Making art is such a solitary task.  Why not encourage your creative friends to take some time out to paint each other?  Chocolate body paint is a delicious way to get the (creative) juices flowing. 

5. Matching Linen Artist’s Smocks - $356 each

Gifts artsy couple 5

Image Source: greenandstone.com 


Make sure your artsy couple dresses the part in these exquisite linen artist’s smocks.  They’re almost too lovely to ruin with paint splotches. 

6. Canvas Chair - $1,318

Gifts artsy couple 6

Image Source: momastore.org 


This canvas painting of a chair is ACTUALLY a chair—that you can really sit on!  Buy a pair for your friends’ studio and confuse every art dealer that comes in for a visit.  (There’s nothing better than confusing an art dealer.) 

7. Artist Paint Drip Tea Collection - $10-40

Gifts artsy couple 7

Image Source: Tate.org.uk


This collection is perfect for the artsy couple that couldn’t decide on a china pattern.  The paint drip collection is exclusive to London’s Tate Modern Museum, so it’s super unique.  Maybe the paint drip pattern will inspire them to create their own pattern! 

8. Peep Painting Poster - $10.98

Gifts artsy couple 8


Image Source: mcachicagostore.org 


Ever feel like a painting is watching your every move? With this poster, that fear becomes a reality.  Art lovers will have a blast scaring their friends with this Peep Painting Poster.  (It’s probably the closest to a practical joke they’ll ever get!)

9. 3D Printer - $1,249.95

Gifts artsy couple 9

Image Source: Amazon


Let your friends turn their sketches into real objects with this 3-D printer.  The future is surprisingly affordable! 

10. Gunmetal TV Easel- $2495

Gifts artsy couple 10

Image Source: Restoration Hardware


This easel turns any trashy reality show into a work of art.  It also subconsciously reminds your friends that they really ought to be painting something—they can spoon on the couch after they get that joint show at the Met. 

11. Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse Painting - $165,000

Gifts artsy couple 11

Image Source: artsy.net


An original Warhol? ‘Nuff said. This 1981 Mickey Mouse is cool, lovable, and above all authentic. It was one of the last paintings Warhol did before the famous Campbell’s Soup series, which makes for a great conversation starter for those annoying interviewers from ARTNews.


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