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Magic, Wonder, and a Lot of Dust: Getting Married at Burning Man

Burning Man is a weeklong event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert where thousands of people come together to create "Black Rock City," a temporary metropolis that celebrates community, art, and self-expression.

 BurningMan 1

Image Source: High Existence

At the end of the week, the city is dissembled and destroyed—it's as if it never existed at all.

BurningMan 2

Image Source: Daily Mail

For most people, Burning Man is an artsy "no rules" place where they can live out their greatest Mad Max-style fantasies. For adventurous others, though, it's the perfect place to say "I Do."

BurningMan 3

Image Source: Kern Photo

The dramatic desert landscape is filled with giant art installations, making Burning Man a visually striking place to tie the knot:

BurningMan 4

Image Source: Mind, Body, Green

Your guests can take advantage of the temporary city's community workshops like Laughter Yoga and Knife Throwing. There's an "Orgy Tent" for anyone who's up for a dusty desert rendezvous. Adrenaline junkies can try their hand at Fire Dodgeball—it sure beats the game of "limbo" you had to play at your aunt's second wedding.

BurningMan 5

Image Source: Mathieu Ryan Photography

A Burning Man wedding isn't for the faint of heart. If the $400 admission fee doesn't scare off your less-dedicated friends and family, the dust storms will. With winds that can reach 70 mph, goggles aren't a Steampunk fashion choice... they're a necessity:

BurningMan 6

Image Source: Devoted to You

Since you're in the middle of the desert for a week, there are no toilets, no showers, no beds and for a lot of people—no clothes. There's also a strict "no money" policy at Burning Man. Everyone operates on a gift-giving economy. Food and drink are totally free, so you don't have to worry about finding a wedding caterer to schlep out to Black Rock City.

BurningMan 7

Image Source: Offbeat Bride

Since Nevada's marriage laws are strict, the people behind Burning Man recommend that you email them ahead of time to ensure that your wedding will be legal and valid. Burning Man even runs a message board where people can connect with religious officiants who are already planning on being at the festival.

BurningMan 8

Image Source: Rock 'n Roll Bride

If you're a couple that embraces community and thrives on the unexpected, a Burning Man wedding could be the most magical way to start your lives together.

BurningMan 9

Image Source: Rolling Stone


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