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wedded list

10 Wedding Favors that Will Make Your Guests Cringe

You’ve already given your guests food, cake, and booze… do you really have to give them wedding favors, too? Unfortunately, you do!

While you’re shopping for favors, here are 10 cringe-worthy items to avoid:

1. Condoms

 Favor 1

Image Source: Preventionjustice.org


2. Leftover Prescription Drugs

Favor 2

Image Source: Cloudfront.net


3. Anything with a pun on it.

Favor 3 

Image Source: 100layercake.com


4. Used Chewing Gum

Favor 4

Image Source: Thoughtcatalog.com


5. Child’s Party Favor Bag

 Favor 5

Image Source: Ohsobeautifulpaper.com


6. The contents of your junk drawer.

Favor 6

Image Source: Nothiefs.com


7. All the nail polish you bought for your bridesmaids BEFORE you changed your mind about the wedding colors.

 Favor 7

Image Source: Ladycreate-a-lot.blogspot.com


8.  Anything that has the couple’s name on it. (It’ll just go straight in the trash.)

 Favor 8

Image Source: Beau-coup.com


9.  A personalized “suck it” note for all your exes.

Favor 9 

Image Source: Someecards.com


10. A Custom CD Featuring The Couple Signing Their Favorite Love Songs

 Favor 10

Image Source: Monogramwedding.com


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