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The phrase “Miami wedding” might conjure up visions of bikini-clad bimbos and ‘roided out dudes in too-tight tanks, but search a little deeper and you can find the interesting, alternative, and unique wedding of your dreams only 40 minutes away from the spring break hot spot.

The Coral Castle is like nothing you’ve ever seen before: a gorgeous, surreal environment shrouded in mystery and history. This stone sculpture garden was built singlehandedly by Latvian Ed Leedskalnin between 1923 and 1958, as a monument to the woman he loved.

coral castle 2

The fact that Ed refused to allow anyone to view him while he worked led many to believe he had supernatural powers. Ed’s secrets of construction have often been compared to Stonehenge and the great pyramids. If that sounds far-fetched, you try and explain how one 5-ft tall, 100-lb man built an entire coral castle from the ground up using nothing but homemade tools. Was he a magician? Telekinetic? Was it sheer willpower and determination? Or perhaps it was the power of love?

Features of the Coral Castle Museum include an accurate sundial, a telescope, an obelisk, a barbecue, a water well, a fountain, celestial stars and planets, and numerous pieces of furniture including a heart-shaped table, a table in the shape of Florida, twenty-five rocking chairs, chairs resembling crescent moons, a bathtub, beds and a throne. All made of stone! You and your friends will be Instagramming this oddball location all night!

Stunning flower gardens and marvelous coral structures bestow a sense of peace and tranquility throughout the entire two acres of land, and the pale stone is a beautiful backdrop to any attire. You can even have Billy Idol’s “Sweet Sixteen” playing as your guests walk in¬—the song was written as a tribute to Ed and the Castle!

So come have a wedding as gorgeous and unusual as its eccentric location. Let the beautiful sculptures and alluring history of the Coral Castle infuse your nuptial day with a little extra magic.

coral castle3


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