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Have a Wedding That Doesn’t Suck at Dracula’s Castle

Before the vampires of Twilight ever sparkled, there was Dracula—a terrifying, bloodthirsty count that lured people back to his bat-filled castle.

DraculaCastle 1 

Image Source: vistanature.com

Now, over a hundred years after Bram Stoker created this seductive villain, you can get married in the medieval castle that inspired it all. 

Bran Castle is a centuries-old castle located in the heart of Romania. Dracula’s namesake,Vlad the Impaler, was imprisoned there in the 1400s. Even though the place was used as a royal residence in the 20th century, locals still continue to call it “Dracula’s Castle.” 

DraculaCastle 2

Image Source: thehigherlearning.com

The current owners, Archduke Dominic Habsburg and his two sisters, will rent the castle out for weddings… as long as they as they can personally approve the lucky couple. 

DraculaCastle 3

Image Source: weddingallabout.com

For almost $600,000, guests have full use of the 57-room castle and its 22-acre grounds.

You can say your vows in the castle’s dungeon:

DraculaCastle 4 

Image Source: mentalfloss.com

Enjoy a bloody toast as you drink out of ceramic Dracula heads from the nearby gift shop:

DraculaCastle 5

Image Source: monica-suma.com

Just don’t drink too much, as there’s no running water or working bathrooms in the medieval castle. 

DraculaCastle 6

Image Source: worldalldetails.com

Here’s a fun party game: see who can figure out where Queen Marie of Romania had her heart buried after she died! (Hint: It’s in the fireplace.)

DraculaCastle 7

Image Source: madaboutthehouse.com

A wedding at Bran Castle is bound to be a chilling affair that honors your eternal love. Just make sure to keep your neck covered—you don’t want to wake up on your wedding day looking like this:

DraculaCastle 8

Image Source: onedelightfulday.wordpress.com


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