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put a zing on it

9 Wedding Dress Designers That Should Be Fired Immediately

Modern brides don't want a simple white dress anymore. They want gowns that make a STATEMENT. Wedding dress designers are under constant pressure to come up with unique works of art.

Too bad these designers couldn't handle the wedding season heat:

1. Whoever made this fluffy chicken monstrosity:


What came first, the chicken or the unemployed fashion designer?

2. The grandma who crocheted this hot dog on a stick:


Oh, so this is what happens when Yves Saint Laurent designs on an empty stomach!

3. The 4-year-old that made this art project...


He's probably too young to be working in fashion anyway.

4. Whoever came up with this loofah dress:


Sing in the shower, if you have to... but PLEASE refrain from designing dresses in there too.

5. The intern that took this shredded paper and threw it on a dress form:


Ugh, Brad, when we told you to empty the shredder, this is not what we meant.

6. That one designer who just got back from her Disneyland vacation:


If Ursula got her happy ending, it might look something like this dress.

7. The designer with the snowman fetish:


"If I throw flowers on it, no one can say that I only design for snow women!"

8. The designer that's dreaming of her Hawaiian vacation:


No daiquiris till wedding season's over, Marcy.

9. The designer who was so stressed out, she literally lit her dress on fire:


And now the runway is just filled with smoke.

When going to your dress fittings this year, try not to be too demanding. Think about the poor designers who are tearing their hair out so you can get a mermaid cut that's classic AND edgy.

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