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3 Proposal Videos That Are Way Better Than That Cute But Kinda Creepy Viral 364 Days Proposal

Over a year ago, Dean Smith realized he wanted to marry his girlfriend, Jennifer.

proposal video1

Image Source: Design Taxi

Instead of just asking her to marry him, he took her on a birthday trip to Aruba and made her watch this video in front of her friends and family:

If you managed to make it through the 15 minute long video, you would see what most of the Internet has been swooning about; a kinda creepy countdown video of Dean proposing to his girlfriend, via whiteboard, for 364 days.

proposal video2 

Image Source: Jezebel

Nothing says romance like being forced to watch a long video (in the glaring Aruban sun) of your boyfriend doing mundane things like brushing his teeth, eating cereal and creepily standing over you when you’re sleeping.  This proposal also occurred on Jennifer’s birthday, so now, every year, she’s going to remember the day she realized her boyfriend was acting like a stalker.

proposal video3

Image Source: Design Taxi

Why does everyone think this proposal is romantic? The 15-minute long video is all about Dean. It’s his face that’s been plastered all over the Internet since the video went viral. No one cares about poor Jennifer.

If you want to propose to your beloved in a grand manner, there are ways to do it without making everyone else uncomfortable.

Here are 3 grooms that proposed in an epic and totally lovely way:

1. Isaac’s Lip-Dub Proposal

Isaac decided to propose to his girlfriend by getting friends, family, and a marching band to do a live lip synch performance that is utterly adorable. Using the SAME SONG that creeper Dean used in his proposal, Isaac managed to do something fun while actively including his girlfriend’s family and friends.

2. Fake Trailer, Real Proposal

This guy employed a whole troupe of actors to create a proposal trailer for his girlfriend. The trailer was the story of their relationship, complete with an interactive ending. This is a creative proposal video done right. And the moment when you see her realize that the whole thing is about her? It’s lovely.

3.  Peter Pan Proposal

Moriah’s childhood dream was to get carried away to Neverland by Peter Pan. Luckily, she fell in love with an actor who was trained to make that happen. The proposal is sweet (although a little too long in the build up) and it seems like he actually cares about her interests instead of being only concerned with making a good video for YouTube.

When it comes to proposals, it’s nice to use creativity to make it a memorable event. Just don’t film your significant other while they’re sleeping, OK? 


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