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put a zing on it

9 Ways Drone Photography Could Ruin Your Wedding

When it comes to capturing their perfect day, some couples are going high-tech and hiring a drone to photograph their wedding.

Drone 1

Image Source: Photec

While these flying robots can capture unique shots of your wedding party…

Drone 2

 Image Source: Norris Clifton

…photography drones can also be an epic disaster.

Here are 9 things to think about before you ditch your human photographer:

1. Missile Strike

 Drone 3

Image Source: Imgur

You asked your veteran uncle to hire the wedding drone because he “had a connection.” His connection was with the US military. Oops!

2. Money, Honey

 Drone 4

Image Source: Preston Bailey

Picture Perfect Portrait and Design, a company based in Iowa, charges $300 for a 30 minute session.

3. Drones can’t capture intimate details…

Drone 5 

Image Source: Knotsvilla

…like the tearful bridesmaids or your grandmother asleep in the front pew.

4. Drones are annoyingly loud.

 Drone 6

Image Source: NetDNA

You want your spouse to hear your vows, don’t you?

5.Your guests will spend the whole ceremony wondering why that strange bird is flying so close to the bride.

 Drone 7

Image Source: Nbchardballtalk

You definitely don’t want anything pulling focus from the bride, even if it is a super cool picture-taking robot.

6. Your man-child fiancé is going to want one after seeing what it can do.

Gif Source: Giphy

Good luck explaining to him why that $500 kitchen mixer is a better investment.

7. Drones can capture things regular photographers can’t…

 Drone 9

Image Source: Hilary Shepherd

… including things you definitely don’t want other people seeing!

8. When Hillary Rodham Clinton went to a wedding that had a drone she declared, “That thing is going to kill somebody.”

 Drone 10

Image Source: Quickmeme

What does she know that we don’t?!

9. Drone photography is technically illegal.

 Drone 11

Image Source: The Jerks News

The Federal Aviation Administration recently decided to outlaw commercial drone photography because it can interfere with flight paths.

If you’re still not deterred from hiring a drone photographer for your wedding, just remember: no robot will be able to capture that perfectly timed jumping bridal party picture you’ve always dreamt about.

Drone 12

Image Source: Steve Holmes Photography




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