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put a zing on it

These 11 Bitter Bridesmaids Put on a Brave Face

Being a bridesmaid is hard.  You have to plan a bridal shower and a bachelorette party!  Then you have to spend the wedding day walking around in heels and a stiff dress, forcing a smile.  And it’s so expensive!  You’re basically paying tons of money to fly across country so you can be there to hold up your BFF’s skirt while she pees.  

Meet 11 Bitter Bridesmaids who are smiling…but only on the outside.

1. Bridesmaid Bridget can’t stop thinking about how the bride told her she needed to wear that extra pair of Spanx.


Image Source: lovemydress.net

2. Bridesmaid Beth just heard that the wedding is going to be “dry.”

Bitter 2 

Image Source: lovemydress.net

3. Bridesmaid Becky is furious at the wedding photographer for making her link arms with her archenemy Brittany!

Bitter 3 

Image Source: kennedyblue.com

4. Bridesmaid Brooke is embarrassed that the bride is making her wear this stupid fake tattoo for the bachelorette party. 

Bitter 4 

Image Source: pinterest.com

5. Bridesmaid Bianca wasn’t allowed to wear flats and now she won’t stop bitching about how much her feet hurt. 

Bitter 5

Image Source: queenslandbrides.blogspot.com

6. Bridesmaid Briana is definitely not over the fact that her little sister is getting married before her.

Bitter 6 

Image Source: munaluchibridal.com

7. Bridesmaid Brandi maxed out her credit card paying for last night’s male stripper and he didn’t even take off his banana hammock.

Bitter 7 

Image Source: brandisbridal.com

8. Bridesmaid Bonnie was told that her stand-up routine was not an acceptable toast. She decided to do it anyway.

Bitter 8 

Image Source: mashable.com

9. Bridesmaid Bette did not realize that you couldn’t wear a control top girdle underneath a sari.

Bitter 9 

Image Source: thebigfatindianwedding.com

10.  Bridesmaid Blanche is sick of fake-laughing at the bride’s stupid jokes.

Bitter 10 

Image Source: stylemepretty.com

11.  No one told Bridesmaid Blair that they’d be hanging out in a field.  Eww.

Bitter 11 

Image Source: weddingchicks.com

If you’re going to be a bridesmaid in 2015, we hope you have a better time than these 11 bitter bridesmaids.  Pro tip: hide a flask somewhere in the folds of your dress.  You’ll be guaranteed to be the happiest bridesmaid ever. 


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