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It’s Wedding Season, Is Your Selfie Stick Ready?

You may have seen this occurrence at a theme park or at a concert... tourists waving sticks that kind of look like those grabbers you see on infomercials.


They're selfie sticks... and they're the reason everyone else looks so good in their Instagram photos.


Over the last year, selfie stick use has exploded—and wedding photographers want to see them banned.

Nothing ruins a beautiful shot more than someone's selfie stick blocking the view:


Unless you're having an unplugged ceremony, you can't really prevent your guests from using their technology to capture your special day—and that includes selfie sticks.


In order to preserve your wedding photographer's sanity, remember the golden rule:

Don't Use it During the Ceremony:


Unless you're Barack Obama, you better sit down and pay attention. You are witnessing a beautiful declaration of love. Also, no matter how good you are with the iPhone, you'll never be as good as that very expensive professional photographer. Relax.

Otherwise, as long as you steer clear from the photographer, snap away!


And if you're worried about people making fun of your selfie stick, just think of all the "likes" you're going to get when you post the photos to Facebook.


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