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put a zing on it

You Won’t Believe This Zany Russian Wedding Photo Trend!

After the wedding is long over, the only thing that will remain of your special day (besides your relationship, we hope) are the photographs. Most couples go to extreme lengths to make sure that their wedding day is captured in a tasteful and attractive way.

In Russia, however, "taste" doesn't always factor in when it comes to the wedding photo album. Many Russian couples use Photoshop to create wedding day portraits that are zany and unsettling.

Here are 11 of Russia's strangest Photoshopped wedding photos:

1. Stampeding Towards Love

Russian 1

Image Source: Imgur

If you can't be a mythical half human/half horse on your wedding day, then what is even the point of getting married?

2. Gulliver's Wedding.

Russian 2 

Image Source: Imgur

The love this groom feels for his bride is blowing her away!

3. Game of Scones

Russian 3

Image Source: Imgur

Spoiler! All of the deaths on next season's Game of Thrones will be bread related.

4. End it with a Bang

Russian 4

Image Source: Imgur

Whatever happened at the end of this marriage ceremony was still more interesting than the last Transformers movie.

5. Marry a He-Man

Russian 5

Image Source: Imgur

Nobody asked this guy to lift the car. Everyone has places to go.

6. Bling Ring

Russian 6

Image Source: Imgur

Where else could you find a dress that lights up wherever a groomsman touches it?

7. Pocket Pal

Russian 7

Image Source: Imgur

This lucky guy has found himself the REAL Polly Pocket.

8. Trunked

Russian 8

Image Source: Imgur

This couple is suffocating in the trunk and that flower girl is doing NOTHING to help.

(Check out these other flower girls who are up to no good...)

9. Swan Lake

Russian 9

Image Source: Huffington Post

It's a cheaper alternative to one of those swan boats!

10. Run!

Russian 10

Image Source: Huffington Post

Just another reason why they should finally outlaw performance enhancing drugs in Mother Russia.

11. The Tiniest Violin

Russian 11

Image Source: Sad and Useless

You just can't play with a woman like that!

While no amount of Googling can tell us why these altered pictures are the biggest Russian wedding trend, we do know that looking at these photos has given us a whole new perspective on what makes a great wedding album.


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