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9 Real-Life Venues for Your Ultimate Fandom Wedding

It's a fan's world, and we're all lucky enough to be living in it. That must be why there are so many real-life venues where die-hard fans can have the wedding of their dreams.

Here are 9 amazing wedding venues where fantasy can be turned into matrimony:

1. The Starship Enterprise


The actual studio set of the Starship Enterprise can be rented out for the wedding of your Trekkie dreams... until it becomes an interactive exhibit in the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum that's set to open in 2016.

2. The Forest of Endor


Since the Disney/Lucasfilms merger, Star Wars fans have been flocking to Disney parks to get their fill of Ewoks, Storm Troopers and Droids. There's even a replica of the forest of Endor in Disney World that's the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding portrait.

3. The Hello Kitty Villa


Have the cutest wedding reception ever when you book the Hello Kitty Villa in Taiwan. Be prepared for a celebration full of cupcakes, kitties, and a whole lot of pink.

4. Underneath the Gundam Robot


In Tokyo, a GIANT robot stands guard over a theme park dedicated to Gundam Wing, a popular anime. If you really squint, you can see a couple exchanging vows in between the robot's feet!

5. Hogwarts


Now that Universal Studios has created the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Potterheads can visit replicas of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 ¾. If you ask nicely, Universal staff will let you get married right in Olivander's Wand Shop!

6. Hobbiton


The Hobbiton set from The Lord of the Rings movies is still perfectly intact and just waiting for you to get married in front of one of it's adorable round doors.

Read more about this fantastical wedding locale HERE.

7. Forks, Washington


Die-hard Twilight fans have been flocking to Forks, Washington ever since those sparkly vampires made their debut in Stephenie Meyer's books. While most fans are looking for supernatural creatures, a few stick around to get married in the middle of that lush Pacific Northwest forest.

8. The Temple of Doom


If you can't afford to say your vows in front of all the wonders of the ancient world, having an engagement photo shoot in front of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ride in Disneyland is a pretty good compromise.

9. Inside Doctor Who's Tardis


The Doctor Who Experience is an interactive exhibit in Cardiff, Wales. Guests can wander through a life-seized replica of the Tardis... and it's no surprise that many Whovians decide to pop the question there!

Now that you know about all these FANtastic wedding locales, how are you going to settle on just one?

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