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put a zing on it

Fathers of the Bride: the 9 Kinds of Dads You See at a Wedding

There's nothing like the bond between a father and his daughter. And while you'll always be his little girl, to him, this wedding kind of symbolizes the end of your childhood.


Fathers all deal with this emotional milestone in different ways. Here are 9 dads trying to keep a straight face on his daughter's big day:

1. The Gun Slinger:


He's got a shotgun in the car and he'll let everyone know that he's not afraid to use it. He greeted his daughter's fiancé with it in his hand the first day they met. He still calls her "baby girl" even though she's 32.

2. Just One of the Boys:


This dad's determined to hang with the groomsmen and prove he's still got it. Exactly what "it" is and whether he ever had "it", we may never know. He'll be 6 shots in by the time everyone's ready to cut the cake... and chances are pretty good that he'll bump into it and knock the whole thing over.

3. The Side-barred Dad:


This dad stopped trying to give input after his backyard BBQ idea was shut down for the 4th time. Now, he just sits quietly on the side figuring out how much this whole thing is going to cost him.

4. The Dad Who Still Wishes His Daughter Had Been a Boy:


His wedding present was an F-150 and he brought up that time she quit playing soccer to join chorus in his toast. He also calls her "champ" more than once throughout the night, and congratulates the couple with a firm slap on the back, bucko.

5. The "Glory Days" Dad:


He peaked in high school and will never realize that everyone has already heard about how he "led the team to victory" 35 years ago. He probably also carries his regionals trophy with him everywhere he goes.

6. The Business Man:

All work and no play makes dad a buzzkill. Whether he whips out his Blackberry during the family photos, or leaves to Skype with China mid father-daughter dance, you can bet that everybody's used to it by now.

7. The Dad Who Brought His New Wife:


Everyone knows that Tiffany has been around since before the divorce. But she and the dad sure aren't acting like it... someone get them a room!

8. The No-Filter Father:

He doesn't see why that 30-second embrace with the, ehem, well-endowed bridesmaid was inappropriate. Eye-rolls and face-palms are a telltale sign that he's just been giving everyone pervy advice.

9. The Stoic Father:


This dad has been a rock—always telling his daughter to toughen up and move forward, which is why it's so hard to see him shed that single tear.

Photo Attributions:

White Arbor Bridal
Wedding Bee
Walter Peck PA
Cavin Elizabeth


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