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Less Is More: Beautiful City Hall Weddings

Sometimes, less really is more. These simple City Hall weddings prove you don't have to spend a fortune to have a gorgeous start to your future together.

Here are 11 couples that looked charming in their City Hall wedding photos:

1. A Banner Marriage


Image Source: Denueva Photo

You just got married; so let all those strangers walking by know about it!

2. Something Yellow


Image Source: Onsugar

The best thing about a City Hall wedding? No one will be shocked if you don't turn up in white. See how other brave brides dressed in BLACK, RED, GREEN, and BLUE!

3. Marvelous Marble


Image Source: Choco Studio

Most City Halls are located in beautiful old buildings that can be more photogenic than the most expensive reception halls.

4. Town Hall Trio


Image Source: A Practical Wedding

Just because you aren't having a traditional ceremony doesn't mean you can't splurge on an adorable ring bearer!

5. Ticket to Love


Image Source: Kate Murphy Photography

Turn a mundane piece of paper into your favorite wedding photograph.

6. Window Shopping


Image Source: Sasha Wedding Photography

These handsome grooms know how to find their light.

7. Your Love is Lifting Me


Image Source: Bridal Musings

He's dreamed of renting a tux from the deep-voiced man at Men's Warehouse since he was a little boy. Getting married at City Hall isn't going to change that.

8. The Waiting Game


Image Source: Bridal Musings

These cute brides can even make a long ling worth the wait.

9. All Smiles


Image Source: SF Weekly

"At our age, we don't need a fancy wedding. We just need to look ADORABLE."

10. It's Official!


Image Source: Refinery 29

And they've got the paperwork to prove it!

11. All You Need is Love


Image Source: Trbimg

Who needs a fancy venue when you've got each other?

When you're about to declare that you're going to spend the rest of your life with someone, who needs bells and whistles? With a City Hall wedding, you can relax and focus on what's important—each other.


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