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13 Wedding Cake Toppers That Are so Cool, You Won’t Want to Cut the Cake

When you think of a traditional cake topper, you probably picture a boring blonde bride in a white dress standing next to groom that looks like a scary Ken doll. Isn't it about time we started seeing more cake toppers that actually represent the couple getting married?

We've found 13 cake toppers that are anything but traditional:

1. Hipster Heaven


To Hell in a Hand Bag, a UK based Etsy shop, will actually take boring old porcelain figurines and hand paint them to look just like you – tattoos and all!

2. Bride (and Groom) of Frankenstein


Someone was working in the lab late one night, when they came up with the idea for this frightful (and romantic) sight!

3. Solo No More


This cake topper is a subtle and nerdy twist on the beautiful silhouette cake toppers that have been cropping up on Pinterest and Etsy.

And your Star Wars love doesn't have to end with the cake topper either!

4. Find Your Unicorn


For couples that have an equestrian kind of love.

5. I'll Never Lego


These Lego lovers snap perfectly into place.

6. Dia de los Muertos


Some couples are very serious about the "Till Death Do Us Part" thing.

7. Words of Love


Sometimes, you need words to express how you really feel.

(We also LOVE how this alternative topper is actually for a wedding pie.)

8. Claymation, All I Ever Wanted


When you order a customized topper made out of Polymer clay you can live out all of your Wallace & Gromit fantasies.

9. Vintage Horror


Creep out everyone with these barefoot baby doll cake toppers from the 1920s.

10. Donut You Want to Say "I Do?"


Not that into cake? These adorable doughnut toppers won't judge you.

11. Puppy Love


If your pet couldn't attend the ceremony, celebrate them with the cutest toppers ever.

12. Get Felt Up


These felt toppers are totally customizable... and so much more than an art class craft.

13. Love Song


Cake toppers don't have to be humanoid. Pick your passion, dress it up, and stick it on that cake!

Whether you're into tattoos or terriers, we guarantee that you'll be able to find cake toppers that are totally you!

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