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Have a Smokin’ Hot Wedding on an Active Volcano!

Does your love feel like a fire inside of you, smoky and hot, ready to burst forth and shower your loved one? Then, why not get married on an active volcano?


Image Source: Air Taxi Vanautu

The Mount Yasur volcano is the most easily accessible volcano in the world, making it a huge tourist draw. It has been active for over 800 years – yes, you read that correctly - 800 years, with several eruptions each day!


Image Source: Trip Advisor

While the volcano is mostly calm, you can hike up to the rim and take a peek inside!


Image Source: Redbubble

As a Vulcanian volcano, new bits of lava and rock are constantly spewing about.


Image Source: AOL

Yasur is located on Tanna Island in the beautiful Republic of Vanuatu, an oceanic island nation located east of Northern Australia. Keep in mind when packing for the weather – Yasur is all the way on the other side of the globe. Summer is October-January, Winter is April-September, and toilets flush the other way!


Image Source: Talk Coffee Australia


Image Source: Trip Advisor

Called "the lighthouse of the Pacific," the beautiful eruptions make for a romantic and unforgettable wedding.


Image Source: Stormchaser Canada

Couples getting married on Mount Yasur should know that there's no electricity on the island. The White Grass Ocean Resort does have its own generators that are plugged in for 8 hours each day.


Image Source: Select Vacations Australia

The resort offers its own wedding packages, which include a helicopter ride up to the volcano. After the knot is tied beside a pool of molten lava, you can enjoy the resort's other excursions like witnessing Black Magic performed by the island's warrior tribe, or a kayak safari that takes you through a waterfall!


Image Source: South Pacific Weddings

What a perfect way to build your marriage on a rock-solid, flaming-hot foundation!


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