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wedded list

Wedding Cake Toppers That’ll Leave You in Tiers

Nothing says "I Love You," like over the top wedding cake toppers. We've compiled the 10 most ridiculous wedding cake toppers in cake decorating history.

1. Man, woman, man’s mom

WeddingCakeTopper 1

2. Ringmaster and circus freak

WeddingCakeTopper 2

Image source: OvertheTopStudios

3. Businessman and secretary

WeddingCakeTopper 3

Image source: totallytoppers

4. Woman and poodle

WeddingCakeTopper 4

5. Man and TV set

WeddingCakeTopper 5

Image source: chilloutpoint

6. Woman and Monopoly Man, Rich Uncle Pennybags

WeddingCakeTopper 6

7. Two toddlers

WeddingCakeTopper 7

8. Two eagles (Our spirit animals)

WeddingCakeTopper 8

Image source: beckykazana

9. Two yuppies talking into cell phones 

WeddingCakeTopper 9

Image source: advantagebridal

10. OJ and Nicole

WeddingCakeTopper 10

Image Source: weddingcollectibles


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