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put a zing on it

So You Need to Tell Your Family You Eloped…Good Thing it’s Christmas!

So you need to tell your family about your recent elopement.  Well, at least you have good timing! Here’s how to use this season of forced goodwill and cheer to finally break the news.

1. Knit yourself some matching ugly sweaters that say “Just Married” on the back.

 you eloped photo1

Image Source: Pixgood.com

“Cute sweaters kids! Is there anything on the back?”

2. Upstage your nephew at his holiday pageant by dragging your partner onstage to create your own Love Actually moment.

 you eloped photo2

Image Source: Fanpop.com

What? It’s not like we haven’t seen this play before.

3. Drink too much eggnog at the in-law’s Christmas party.  The rest will take care of itself. 

 you eloped photo3

Image Source: Uncommongoods.com

One rash decision deserves another…

4. Write on your Christmas cards: “Happy Holidays! P.S. We TOTALLY eloped! Xoxo!!!” Why waste extra postage? 

 you eloped photo4

Image Source: Bridalguide.com

Anyway, how’s your family?

5. Frame your marriage certificate and wrap it up like a present.  Give it to your parents to unwrap on Christmas Morning. 

 you eloped photo5

Image Source: Getty Images

Poor Mom. She has no idea.

6. Volunteer to do a reading at your church’s Christmas service.  Drop the Truth Bomb on the whole congregation. By the time you’re all filing out to the parking lot, everyone will have gotten used to the idea. 

 you eloped photo6

Image Source: Mamaabdulla.blogspot.com

I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.

7. When your family wants to know what you’d like for Christmas, tell them everything is already on the registry. 

 you eloped photo7

Image Source: Flickr

Everything except unconditional acceptance. Still need that one.

8. On Christmas morning, lounge around in matching “Mr. & Mrs.” bathrobes and wait for someone to notice. 

you eloped photo8 

Image Source: The Fine Cotton Company

“No, we actually had these made…”

9. On family movie night, only suggest Hallmark Channel and/or Lifetime holiday wedding movies. (There are several that are all titled A Christmas Wedding.  You’re all set.)

you eloped photo9 

Image Source: Birthday Card Philosopher                                         

“Well if Sarah Paulson did it…”

10. Skip Christmas and send everyone a postcard from your Hawaiian honeymoon.

 you eloped photo10

Image Source: Words Become Superfluous


Some of these might work better than others, but if there’s one thing we can all be grateful for this holiday, it’s that nobody is allowed to get too mad. Just don’t count on your parents contributing to the honeymoon fund.


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