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put a zing on it

When Picking Your Wedding Flowers, Make Sure You Know What They Might Symbolize

After spending hours at the florists, you finally picked out your wedding bouquet. Congratulations! But do you know what those flowers you're about to spend a fortune on actually mean? All flowers symbolize something, so make sure you're only bringing good tidings down the aisle.

Here are the 9 most popular wedding bouquet flowers and what they could symbolize:

1. Baby's Breath


Meaning: Why are you taking so long to walk down the aisle? You have babies to make. THAT's the sour baby's breath you should be holding out for.

2. Carnation


Meaning: Looks like somebody wasted their entire wedding budget on the fancy DJ!

3. Lilac


Meaning: The emotions of early love. So, if you enjoy feeling like your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and you just might puke... this is the flower for you!

4. Lily


Meaning: That's the funeral flower, right? They also stand for majesty, truth, and honor... so that's cool.

5. Magnolia


Meaning: Someone's not over Lifetime's remake of Steel Magnolias and EVERYONE needs to know about it.

6. Orchid


Meaning: You fancy.

7. Peony


Meaning: Bashfulness. So don't even think about carrying this flower unless you're a blushing, bashful bride.

8. Ranunculus


Meaning: Embracing love and commitment. Good thing you're getting married today!

9. Rose


Meaning: You're a true romantic who isn't afraid of a few thorns in your garden.

Now that know what you're getting yourself into, happy flower shopping!

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