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wedded list

10 Designs You Should Never Use on Your Wedding Invitations

Some say honesty is the best policy...We disagree. Learn from these "Wedding Invitation Fails" if you want people to show up to your wedding!!

1. Two doves using tongue


Image Source: myrivierawedding

2. Jesus in a tuxedo

jesus tux

3. A gazebo on fire


4. Pronunciation guide for the bride’s last name


Image Source: sellthebride.com

5. The date of the wedding preceded by “When We’ll Stop Living in Sin:” 

no more sin

6. “We humbly request you give us cash in lieu of attending.”


Image Source: weddingrepublic.com

7. “Come Celebrate The Love of Two Stupid, Stupid People”

Image Source: ealitytvgifs.tumblr.com

8. Meal Options listed as “Fish, Meat, Being Difficult”


Image Source: Mospensstudio.com

9. RSVP card listing “Will Attend, Won’t Attend-Apologies, Won’t Attend-I’m A Big Important Person Look at Me Oooooh!”

 RSVP bigshot

10. Location of Ceremony, Distance from nearest regional airport, “Our Bad”

our bad


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