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You Can Have a Harry Potter Wedding—Even Without a Hogwarts Education

The Harry Potter series isn't just about a boy with a lighting-bolt scar trying to defeat a snaky evil wizard. Buried beneath all that magic and teenage wizard angst is a whole lot of budding romance and true love:


JK Rowling's books are filled with so many memorable love stories, it's no surprise that many fans are letting the Potterverse inspire their weddings.

Here are 11 ways to add a touch of magic to your special day:

1. Marriage Managed


Direct your guests to your magical ceremony with an invitation that's reminiscent of the legendary Marauder's Map.

2. Floating Flames


You don't need magic to make candles fly! Just attach battery-operated candles to paper towel rolls and hang them from the ceiling. Good luck convincing your guests that you aren't marrying a wizard now!

3. Merry Mandrakes


Everyone will think that these Mandrake Root Cupcakes are a total SCREAM!

4. Don't Be a Snitch, Wear One!


Looks like you finally caught the golden snitch!

5. Witchy Wedding Cake


This epic cake is just one of many fandom inspired wedding confections.

6. Fleur Frock


This crafty cosplayer recreated Fleur Delacour's peacock embroidered wedding gown, and now she's our dressmaking hero.

7. Take a Key (and a Seat)


While they don't actually have wings, these flying keys are a charming way to display your guests' place cards.

8. Goblet of Fire


When your couple's cocktail is a literal goblet of fire, who needs champagne?

9. Get Sorted


Sort your groomsmen into their appropriate house with these colorful ties.

10. Get Ready to Fly!


When there's Quidditch to be played, traditional lawn games seem so boring!

11. Wedding Wand Salute


Now that you're wizard and witch, walk down the aisle underneath a shower of your friends' protective magic.

The best thing about these Harry Potter wedding ideas? They're so easy to implement—there's no magic required!

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