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put a zing on it

Undeniable Proof That Your Flower Girl is Actually Trying to Ruin Your Wedding

Against your better judgment, you let your sister’s 4-year-old be your flower girl. Sure, some people may think those childlike antics are “cute,” but you know better than that. The tears, the giggles and the tantrums are all vicious tricks that flower girls employ to upstage you on your special day.

Who ever thought that perfect princess Kate Middleton could be brought down by a demon child?

FlowerGirl 1

Image Source: neatorama.com

Here are 9 signs your flower girl might be trying to sabotage your wedding:

1. Your nieces are starting to resemble the twins from The Shining.

FlowerGirl 2

Image Source: nytimes.com

At first, you thought it was cute that they kept holding hands and talking in unison in that sing-songy voice. Now you’re just really glad that there’s a priest nearby. 

2. Your flower girl keeps yawning and rubbing her eyes… and you haven’t even walked down the aisle yet.

FlowerGirl 3 

Image Source: today.com

As far as she’s concerned, your vows are only getting in the way of her trip to dreamland.  

3. The flower girl is whining that her dress is itchy. 

FlowerGirl 4

Image Source: onestylishbride.com

If you don’t do something fast, she’ll be in her underwear before you’ve even said hello to the photographer. 

4. Your little cousin just found out about “cooties.” 

FlowerGirl 5

Image Source: portergraph.com

And now the ring bearer is trying to hold her hand! Get ready to hear the screams! 

5. The flower girl is complaining that her shoes are pinching her feet.

FlowerGirl 6

Image Source: blog.westparkphoto.com

What does she have to whine about? She’s wearing flats. 

6. The flower girl just learned that churches have really good acoustics.

FlowerGirl 7

Image Source: seanmolin.com

Even though her cries sound like a Banshee on a rampage, everyone is smiling at her like she’s Beyonce or something. 

7. And… she’s picking her nose.

FlowerGirl 8

Image Source: seanmolin.com

If you tried that stunt, everyone would be appalled. Your fiancé would probably leave you at the altar. Who does this kid think she is?!

8. Everyone laughed when she dumped all the petals out at once…

But now you’re going to look like an uncoordinated loser trying to walk around that road hazard in the aisle. 

9. The flower girl is stuffing her face with wedding cake.

FlowerGirl 9

Image Source: moonwolves.wordpress.com

If you don’t react fast, you’re about to have an Exorcist situation… all over your wedding dress. 

Now that you’ve seen the warning signs, you should be able to recognize when your flower girl is about to pull focus from you on your wedding day.  Then you can deposit her into her mommy’s arms before she causes a scene. Remember, it’s your day to be a star and there’s nothing childish about stardom. 


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