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put a zing on it

This is What it Would Look Like if Brides Threw Cats Instead of Bouquets

When you step back to think about it, a lot of wedding traditions are pretty weird. Take the tossing of the bouquet, for example. Hundreds of years ago, women believed that a bride’s dress was lucky, so they’d literally tear the gown to pieces as soon as she left the church. Throwing the bouquet was a diversionary tactic, so the bride could escape while the hoard of women lunged for the flowers.

Now, the tradition has evolved to a pageant-like showcase where apathetic single ladies gather around to catch the bouquet to thereby, find their soul mate and live happily ever after.

An anonymous Australian artist is subverting tradition by using Photoshop to swap out bridal bouquets for cats:

Cat 1

Suddenly, this whole bouquet-tossing thing seems kind of ridiculous:

Cat 2

According to his website the artist is not actually in favor of throwing cats around. Each picture is just the product of good Photoshop skills:

Cat 3

“No cats were harmed in the making of our website and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to throw a cat on their wedding day (not least because your bridal party will likely be harmed by the flying cat’s unwieldy claws…)” he said.

Cat 4


The photo series brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Crazy Cat Lady.”

Cat 5

Even our grandmothers were tossing their kitties!

Cat 6

So get your throwing arm ready…

Cat 7

And be prepared to have a CATastrophic wedding reception!

Cat 8

You can find more soaring felines on the artist’s Tumblr page, and more about pets at weddings at our post here.

So if you still have a wedding to plan, think about ditching the flowers for something fluffier!

Cat 9

At the very least, it’ll make for a great photo!


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