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put a zing on it

It Would Be Pitch Perfect if One of These a Cappella Groups Performed at Your Wedding

The sequel to the hit movie Pitch Perfect recently broke box office records, revamping everyone's interest in a cappella once again.

Now that we can all admit that a cappella is awesome, it's time to start replacing that tired old wedding DJ with a group of ambitious mouth-music makers. While we'd really love to have the Barden Bellas or Das Sound Machine perform at our wedding, here are 5 real life a cappella champions that may be a bit easier to book:

1. Pentatonix

Probably the most widely known name in YouTube a cappella right now, the Pentatonix actually appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 as the Canadian national team. Maybe they could do an "Evolution of Wedding Songs" for your first dance?

2. Noteworthy

Pitch Perfect 2 reminds us that female a cappella groups have a tougher time getting ahead, but Brigham Young's Noteworthy are proving the haters wrong with their awesome mashups.

3. Straight No Chaser

They helped this kid out with his Prom-posal, so we're sure they can make your wedding day aca-mazing!

4. Rockapella

With a career spanning over 30 years, Rockapella has released 8 full-length albums, 3 Christmas albums, and a whole bunch of live recordings. Oh, and they were also the group that wrote and performed the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? theme song for five years!

5. The Beelzebubs

Rumor has it at The Beelzebus were the inspiration for the Barden Trebelmakers, so it's like you're getting a piece of the movie anyway!

Now that you have a more harmonious music group for your wedding, get ready for an unbelievable reception.


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